Who Do You Need

Each TestTown event is unique -this is as much down to the people involved as the physical space they are hosted in. The unifying factor all of these people have in common is the passion for their place. You will need the following:

The Host Partnership– TestTown events have been hosted by a variety of organisations including local authorities, BIDs, education providers, trader’s associations, housing associations, private businesses and retail centres.

A Dedicated TestTownCo-ordinator– A natural multi-tasker who can hold all the different strands together.

Emerging Town Centre Entrepreneurs-The people with the ideas! Hosts need to put careful thought into the recruitment process.  However, Testtown events should also be instigated by these young businesses themselves- this guide allows you to see who and what you need on-board.

People Who Own Spaces-All town centre landowners should beconsidered –retail, civic, public, private and green space.

Judges- ATestTown event does not need to be run as a competition but we have found that the participants appreciate this element of it. A quality judging panel plays a big part in the management of this process.

Mentors and Business Advisors- Support andmentoring is crucial to help the participators implement their ‘pop-up’ businesses.

Sponsors – Usingsponsorship and in-kind support from private business can enhance the event and the experience of the participants.

Mystery Shoppers– Used on the trading days they can assist with the judging decisions and offer constructive feedback to the participants.

TestTown Ambassadors- think about usingyour local young volunteers to help with the event.

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Words of Advice

  • I would have allowed myself more time without a doubt...Until you help facilitate a project such as this, I don’t think you are aware of all the little details involved and the local politics which can often send you three steps backwards. It was, however, the most interesting project I have worked on and all the hours were well spent !!

    TestTown 2014 Host

  • The time management is definitely one of the harder challenges as you need to set up within the space of two/three days. Whilst doing so you also need to try and make sure that the public know that you’re popping up shortly. Nevertheless, it’s a skill which needs to be developed and I can genuinely say that during the final it was one of the most productive weeks ever.

    TestTown 2014 Participant

  • One of the main strengths for Rhyl was the engagement of the College with the community and the sense that we could work together to bring something significant to our area.

    TestTown 2014 Host

  • Make sure you have the commitment from key players in the local area. Without the dedication of the local authority and the City Strategy group, it would not have been possible.

    TestTown 2014 Host

Highlights from the recent years

Five Ways To Supercharge Your TestTown

We believe there are five things which would Supercharge your TestTown:

  1. Every town should create a clear, supported pathway into trading and opening up a shop  for new town centre entrepreneurs.
  2. Every town should have a permanent pop-up facility in a viable trading space which offers flexible lease arrangements up to a year for new town centre entrepreneurs to learn.
  3. Every town should work, within their means, to reduce financial barriers in reduced rates and rents for new traders during their first year of business.
  4. Every town should carry out a regular (every five years) entrepreneur-led consultation which would feed into a business-led strategy for town centre development and business support.
  5. Every town should develop a hyperlocal cross-sector partnership to lead local innovation, ensuring that agencies, businesses, and residents are all powerful in leading local development.