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TESTTOWN 2015/2016


TestTown 2015/16 was launched in July 15 with a different slant looking to support start-ups in ways which were appropriate and effective to the regeneration of their own place/community.

Jim Metcalfe, TestTown Programme Leader at the Carnegie UK Trust, said: “Conditions are still tough for town economies across the country, and young people are particularly affected. TestTown is all about helping people to harness entrepreneurial flare at the local level. It provides an opportunity to connect town centre entrepreneurs with the challenges facing the high street, making them real partners and contributors to improving local communities.”

Between July and December 2015, the TestTown competition has seen 10 towns from across the UK host an enterprise challenge in town centre spaces, with each challenge tailored to local economic needs. Challenges have included a pop-up youth enterprise market in Bridgend, Wales, green enterprise training and mentoring in Walthamstow, London and a master crafts training session for unemployed 18-30 year olds in Enniscorthy, Ireland.

Find out more about the activities developed by the ten host towns by scrolling on the TestTown 2015/16 tab above.

The winners were invited to complete in the TestTown Grand Final – Glasgow Saltmarket between Thurs 25th and Sat 27th February to win the title of ‘UK Towns Entrepreneur of the Year’ and a £10K Investment. Find out more here.