Glasgow Saltmarket 2016

Capturing The Moment

As part of our aim for TestTown to be a constantly evolving and developing initiative, documenting the events and feedback for learning has been one of the priorities for the Carnegie UK team. Using our existing experience and skills in video-making we have worked with a number of professional and non-professionals to create a number of short films over the years. At the Grand Final in 2016, we decided to experiment with social video and aimed to produce a short film a day to be shared through our social media channels as the week developed.

“At the Grand Final in 2016, we decided to experiment with social video and aimed to produce a short film a day to be shared through our social media channels as the week developed.”

We did this in partnership with GMAC Film ( ), a skills, talent and project development centre in Glasgow. Between the TestTown team and GMAC staff we supported a young filmmaker, David Cherry to join us for the week and film the activities and events as they happened. Not only did these films help showcase and promote TestTown Glasgow Saltmarket during the week it was held, we have also been left with a fantastic record of films which can now support this ‘Build Your Own TestTown Guide.’

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Words of Advice

  • The time management is definitely one of the harder challenges as you need to set up within the space of two/three days. Whilst doing so you also need to try and make sure that the public know that you’re popping up shortly. Nevertheless, it’s a skill which needs to be developed and I can genuinely say that during the final it was one of the most productive weeks ever.

    TestTown 2014 Participant

  • People are not shopping at individual brands, they are shopping at destinations. The people that will win at this are those that start packaging pop-up with infrastructure. The serious problem with pop-up space is that most landlords do not offer this. Successful pop-up destinations such as Boxpark in Shoreditch, E1, and London Union’s Street Feast, E8, provide basic shop fit-out, marketing and customers, which is a much more viable model for tenants.’

    Nick Russell, We Are Pop-Up

  • Make sure you have the commitment from key players in the local area. Without the dedication of the local authority and the City Strategy group, it would not have been possible.

    TestTown 2014 Host

Highlights from the recent years

Five Ways To Supercharge Your TestTown

We believe there are five things which would Supercharge your TestTown:

  1. Every town should create a clear, supported pathway into trading and opening up a shop  for new town centre entrepreneurs.
  2. Every town should have a permanent pop-up facility in a viable trading space which offers flexible lease arrangements up to a year for new town centre entrepreneurs to learn.
  3. Every town should work, within their means, to reduce financial barriers in reduced rates and rents for new traders during their first year of business.
  4. Every town should carry out a regular (every five years) entrepreneur-led consultation which would feed into a business-led strategy for town centre development and business support.
  5. Every town should develop a hyperlocal cross-sector partnership to lead local innovation, ensuring that agencies, businesses, and residents are all powerful in leading local development.