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TestTown – pop-ups to imagine and create your future place. TestTown is an initiative designed to support emerging town centre and high street entrepreneurs.

Created and run by Carnegie UK Trust over the last four years, TestTown events have been run in 19 towns and city districts across the UK and Ireland with 280 entrepreneurs graduating through a TestTown development week.

Free ‘Build Your Own TestTown’ portal and manual launched 1 Nov 2016!



Welcome to Testtown

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TestTown is your chance to make your mark Having our own shop space to set up was invaluable Go for it -make a point of difference Re-invent towns for the people of the future Learn more in a week than from college, a book...

The idea is simple. towns and education providers make available their vacant spaces, training and support to young businesses to test out their ideas in pop-up shops in town centres. In return, young businesses offer their talent, creativity and energy to allow towns to test future high street and town centre solutions.

We want as many emerging town centre and high street entrepreneurs to be offered this experience so we are in the process of creating and developing a free ‘Build Your Own TestTown’ portal and manual.

We hope that the advice, check-lists, stories and resources will encourage towns to have a go at running a TestTown event and see what great talent can do in the UK and Ireland when it is given a chance.